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If you have not had your jewellery inspected and revalued in the last 5 years you should contact us as a matter of urgency. It is a free service for your protection and is vital in these inflationary times. We are concerned that many of our valued clients are leaving themselves inadequately insured. A loss would mean that you may not be paid out at all, or that you would be unable to replace like for like.

We offer FREE inspections of your jewellery, checking claws and general condition, together with any advice appropriate. This is often neglected but can avoid further damage, even loss of stones.

Insurers won't pay out for a damaged item if, on inspection by themselves, it is clear that the article has not been cared for, even neglected. We recommend that you bring your jewellery in every two to three years for a free inspection; immediately if seriously knocked or damaged, for your own peace of mind.


We also supply FREE OF CHARGE updated Jewellery Insurance Schedules for any item you have purchased from us. Of course, if you have jewellery to be valued not supplied by us, a moderate charge will be incurred.


Special Promotion

We are currently offering to clean and polish any three items of jewellery for the cost of two, with the least expensive item free of charge. It's great to have them looking as they did when new.


If you are only looking for our free service, that is absolutely fine, just email or call to make a mutually suitable appointment, alternatively, complete the form on the "Contact us" page on the Website.