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Superfit. Perfect Ring. Perfect Fit

Superfit is a unique ring mechanism which opens and closes without having to be pushed over the knuckle to be worn or removed - ensuring that a beautiful, treasured ring can fit perfectly.

Available from Lilley's Craftsman Jewellers your local accredited workshop, Superfit ensures that beautiful rings can be worn for a lifetime, instead of being hidden away in a jewellery box when they become too loose or tight to wear.

How does it work?

The Superfit hinge and latch mechanism is virtually invisible and is activated by simply pressing the 'dimple'.

The Superfit mechanism can be incorporated into most rings, giving treasured family heirlooms a new lease of life.

Superfit Features

Precise Engineering which allows the mechanism to be virtually invisible
Push-Button release provides ease of handling and unparalleled safety.
The dual latching system 'clicks' so you are sure the shank has been securely closed.
Snag-free mechanism to protect against accidental opening
Opens fully to bypass any knuckle size or in case of sudden swelling
Solder Free assembly
Natural spring tension that eliminates the need for a spring that could break or wear out

Call John or Bee Now for more information on SuperFit.....01992 650 150.

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